The NFMRS is currently operating and constructing several layouts in O, OO and N gauges. And of course our members have their own layouts that are exhibited from time to time. This section provides some description and photographs of layouts associated with the club. We will be adding to this list in the next few months.

The list of our layouts is as follows:

Brockhampton Brockhampton The society's new continuous loop N gauge
CanalStreet Canal Street An industrial area in OO gauge
Elmbridge Elmbridge MPD A small N gauge layout packed with detail.
Helstowe Helstowe A complex OO siding layout under construction
Hollybank Hollybank Depot A layout with an illustrious history.
KnightwoodJunction Knightwood Junction and Knightwood Canal A large OO layout
Lymwood Lymwood A long end to end OO layout set in the Southern era
MortimersCross Mortimer's Cross A OO layout based on a tramway in the Welsh Marshes
MossbankYard Mossbank Yard Busy sidings in OO gauge