Canal Street

An industrial area in OO gauge

If you are expecting an idyllic country scene next to a peaceful river, then look away now because Canal Street has more in common with dark satanic mills. This is a very grey industrial scene somewhere in the north featuring a shorting area alongside a canal. There is a run around track for engines to pass by the wagons. A three dimensional effect is created by a by high level Modelex auto-shuttle that operates continuously at exhibitions.

The layout is 2' x 8' on two boards. All of the buildings are scratch built (many from cereal packets!) as are the boats on the canal next to the swans. Most buildings have lighting be means of grain of wheat bulbs. Because the operation is all shunting, the operators Phil and Jeff have chosen to use Kadee couplings for ease of coupling up wagons and auto decoupling.

And did you know there were dedicated funeral trains for the transfer of the deceased? On this layout at the station is a solemn scene where a coffin is being received from the railway and being put onto a cart. You don't see that very often!

Some images of Canal Street: