The society's new continuous loop N gauge

Some years ago N gauge layouts lost their popularity and the range of rolling stock became limited. However, during the past few years it has regained popularity and more N gauge layouts are appearing at exhibitions. The range of locomotives and rolling stock now being supplied by Graham Farrish and Dapol is almost comparable to OO gauge products.

Brockhampton is a work in progress. This new N gauge layout has been under construction for two years by a group of N gauge enthusiasts in the club and made its first appearance at the NFMRS November 2014 open day. At that time the track had been laid, but there was no central controller or even point motors. The electrical connections between the six boards was made with flying leads, choc blocks and insulating tape! However, at the second outing in November 2015 most points had been motorised and all the interconnecting wiring had been completed. The next task is to commission the control panel and then start the scenery.

Brockhampton is being constructed by club members on Tuesday evenings and stays at Brockenhurst Village Hall. Members wanted to build an N gauge layout that could accommodate full length trains: 12 coaches or dozens of goods wagons. The no particular period of operation that will be represented as members want to run their own different stock which may be steam or modern traction. It's being wired for analogue control, although there will be consideration for a change to DCC later.

The layout is made up of six boards each 4' x 2'. When fully assembled into a 24' long layout, the continuous double main line track at the front display area of the layout will represent a scale length of about 2/3 of one mile. A central back scene will eventually run the full length of the layout dividing the front display area from five road fiddle yards at the rear. A station will be included that can accommodate eight carriages and numerous sidings and passing loops.

There's much to do on Brockhampton and members are enjoying building a layout from scratch.